B³ Buffet Building Blocks by FOH® give you the power to create versatile, durable & stylish buffet displays. Mix and match B³ elements with Front of the House® plates, bowls, platters, utensils, and accessories to create hundreds of unique presentations… the possibilities are endless!


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  • Mini Bamboo Tong - 50 per Bag

    Mini Bamboo Tong - 50 per Bag

  • New Ribbon 4.5" Basketball Pick

    4.5" Basketball Pick

  • New Ribbon 4.5" Football Pick

    4.5" Football Pick

  • New Ribbon 4.5" Soccer Ball Pick

    4.5" Soccer Ball Pick

  • New Ribbon 4.5" Baseball Pick

    4.5" Baseball Pick

  • Bamboo Tong

    Bamboo Tong