Porcelain Accessories

Endless possibilities, from hors d'ouevres to desserts and everything in between, with versatile and unique Front of the House® Accessories.

Porcelain Accessories

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  • New Ribbon 8oz Mod Sugar Pot

    8oz Mod Sugar Pot

  • New Ribbon 3oz Mod Creamer

    3oz Mod Creamer

  • New Ribbon 6oz Mod Creamer

    6oz Mod Creamer

  • New Ribbon 16oz Square Mod Teapot

    16oz Square Mod Teapot

  • New Ribbon Round Mod Saucer

    Round Mod Saucer

  • New Ribbon Square Mod Saucer

    Square Mod Saucer

  • New Ribbon 7oz Mod Cup

    7oz Mod Cup

  • New Ribbon Large Mod Pot Holder

    Large Mod Pot Holder

  • New Ribbon Small Mod Pot Holder

    Small Mod Pot Holder

  • New Ribbon Single Mod Pot Holder

    Single Mod Pot Holder

  • New Ribbon Mod Holder

    Mod Holder

  • New Ribbon Double Wide Mod Ramekin

    Double Wide Mod Ramekin