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Our Guys: A Complete Tabletop Story

July 26, 2022 69 Views No comments

The launch of “Our Guys” new flatware category creates a whole new combination of possibilities with on-trend designs that tell a complete tabletop story! The 7 brand new collections are worthy of inclusion with each piece carefully thought out and executed to meet every customer’s needs with 60 skus and 12 finishes set a full array of tabletop options.

Defined by confident durability and distinctive design our Flatware collections vary in finishes, textures and form proving boldness is always in style. Each piece is manufactured with exceptional strength to ensure its structural integrity over time and wear while paving the way for a sensory experience like no other. It's love at first bite.

What’s even more interesting is the story behind the design.

With 20 years of manufacturing foodservice solutions, the timing was flawless according to founder Simone Mayer who says, “It’s always been there; it’s in our logo!”

Knowing flatware is an integral part of the dining experience, she [Simone] and the Product Development team took a look at how cutlery and utensils have evolved in recent years, and how to innovatively approach this category and potentially transform the restaurant industry forever. It’s little surprise that the designs and unique naming convention were next on the menu for food service disruption.

"Having a team directly at the factory is key." - Simone Mayer

Understanding the new generation of hospitality - hotels, and restaurants, FOH® takes the traditional outlook of commercial flatware as tools for eating and emphasizes the complete experience. The tabletop and buffet tell a “story” and, as part of this narrative, the knives, forks, spoons, and serving utensils need to be more individual and extravagant.

Game Changers.

Restaurant flatware typically feature five utensils: dinner fork, salad fork, dinner spoon, teaspoon and dinner knife, which “Our Guys” give prominence in each collection. Front of the House® flatware is designed with 18/10 stainless steel, which means the metal includes 18% chromium and 10% nickel; providing the highest resistance to rust and longest held polish. With Front of the House® fashion always meets function. Each matched with ergonomic design as it nestles comfortably in hands and fits precisely with dinnerware made for comfort and everyday use — is the perfect match for any meal.

Matte Brass Flatware.

Not your grandma’s gold.

The on-trend metallic color gives an elegant, shimmering finish on 18/10 stainless steel, which is impervious to the acids in foodstuffs and is perfectly paired for everyday luxury or glam occasions.

Look for: Luca, Parker, and Owen.

Black Flatware.

Goes with everything.

The bold color of black flatware enhances any aesthetic and intensifies the mix of elements, whether paired with the brightest white or black dinnerware and naturals.

Look for: Owen.

Textured Flatware.

Decorated modern fashion.

Bring one-of-a-kind appeal with striated and linear patterns that appear handcrafted.

Look for: Owen.

Antique, Brushed, and Duo Finish Flatware.

Distinct. Innovation.

This revolutionary muted matte finish saves time and energy, disguises any appearance of fingerprints.

Look for: Jasper, Grant, Luca, and Cameron.

Mirrored Flatware.


A shiny finish gives a classic look and feel that will not only last, but always be stylish.

Look for: Liam, Parker, and Cameron.

But, wait — what do we call them?!

In true disruptive fashion, it’s only suitable for this women-owned company to continue to rattle the male-dominated industry with bold collection names.

Reminiscent of classic male muses, each collection strongly identifies with its unique design. However, Cameron, Owen, Parker, Liam, Luca, Grant, and Jasper collectively all have one thing in common— the WOW FACTOR! which is officially served.

Perfectly Paired

Having such an essential category expands our range as manufacturers to take any project from start to finish.

With a full breadth of foodservice and hospitality solutions, it’s time to get creative with our collections and make your own flatware and dinnerware combination presentations that are chic without taking attention away from your plating.

Fork Yeah!
Let us show you how to set the table with our guys.
GET THE COMPLETE FRONT OF THE HOUSE® TABLETOP Download our exclusive pairing lookbook to create unique tabletop combinations with our flatware & dinnerware collections here.

​Our Guys: Front of the House ® Flatware Launch

June 17, 2022 177 Views No comments

Good things take time, and on our 20th anniversary, we revealed a highly anticipated, first-ever Flatware launch at the 2022 NRA Restaurant Show. National Restaurant Association hosts the most significant event in the foodservice industry, which Front of the House® has attended for the past 20 years. Showcasing 60 SKUS, 7 Collections, and 12 Finishes, the unveiling of their commercial-grade flatware, “our guys” was impressive. What’s even more interesting is the story behind the design; as co-founder and CEO Simone Mayer says, “It’s always been there; it’s in our logo!”.

Design runs deep in Simone’s roots, being a second-generation manufacturer in her family. Her parents refined pulls and knobs in South Africa - where she was born. The experience gained from the family business was augmented during her studies at Columbia University and further when opening her first retail shop on South Beach. Our focus has always been to enhance the tabletop experience and strengthen the diversity of our solutions. This robust 60-piece flatware sku launch is designed to complement any tabletop, buffet, banquet, and more food service settings that #deliverthewow . Our attention to detail includes ergonomically designed handles to rest perfectly on a surface, and finishes that disguise fingerprints– just to name a few (we don’t want to give all the cool stuff away)...

Launching at the NRA Show was an epic celebration in itself. It marked our 20th show as an exhibitor and reconnecting with our community after three long years. Where else could we have made such an exclusive sneak peek to over 51,000 attendees?! To be there and unveil “our guys” was an experience for the masses.

Far more than perfunctory needs, (if we may say) have carefully designed a thought-through new category to bring not only the very best dining experience possible, but an innovative and stylish solution to the foodservice industry.

Naturally, all of The Guys Flatware collections are made with the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring top-of-the-line durability. The chromium and nickel (elements that make up stainless steel) levels of each SKU are higher than average, which creates more durability and better-equipped commercial-grade flatware for high-volume turnover. Additionally, the matte brass and matte black flatware pieces have a unique finish applied by a PVD technique. The PVD application is a chemical process that makes products durable by bonding with the stainless steel at the micron level instead of being coated on top. This level of detail is how FOH® continues to stand out and pave the way in manufacturing.

Defined by bold and timeless elements, The Guys: Flatware collection varies in finishes, textures, and styles. Each piece is manufactured with exceptional strength proving its structural integrity over time while paving the way for a sensory experience like no other. No detail was spared during the designing process of this new category, down to the naming of each collection. Reminiscent of classic male muses, each collection strongly identifies with the characteristics of a specific type of man. While Cameron, Owen, Parker, Liam, Luca, Grant, and Jasper collectively all have one thing in common, you may be surprised by the individual features of each collection.

Clever and bold, we encourage you to explore the details of the entire category of restaurant flatware at frontofthehouse.com or click here to download the brochure.

Stay tuned for pt. 2 of OUR GUYS: Behind the Scenes, where we take you on the creation of this exciting category through each departments POV.

FOH® x One Tree Planted

June 3, 2022 148 Views No comments

One tree planted at a time makes an impact! Approximately 20, 200 new saplings ( saplings are small trees usually between 1 and 4 inches in diameter at 4.5 feet) have been planted since 2021 on behalf of FOH®, our partners, and our team.

The initiative stems from our ongoing commitment to sustainability that is rooted and one we intend to grow. It’s one simple way FOH® can help reforestation across the globe.

Our partnership with One Tree Planted began when accepted the #MillionTreeChallenge, to restore National Forests across the United States. Million Tree Challenge members contribute to the reforestation of iconic forests that have been affected by natural conditions like wind damage, tree diseases, and forest fires. FOH®s proud to have completed, not 1 - but 2 challenges.

Last year, Diana Chaplin, who’s the Canopy Director at One Tree Planted, helped to host a lunch & learn for everyone at FOH.. She filled us in on the non-profit’s six pillars of reforestation — Air, Water, Biodiversity, Social Impact, Health, Climate — as well as some updated stats.

More recently, we teamed up once more however more locally with Miami Dade’s Million Tree initiative, a Neat Street program aiming to achieve a 30% tree canopy for our community. On May 12th, our FOH® Fam met at the Country Club of Miami’s South Park in Hialeah to plant 200 more saplings, including native Simpson’s and Spanish stoppers. It was a day of sun, sweat, and teamwork, as efforts contributed to a green screen for nearby neighbors. The park wide additions also provide cooling for walkways, mitigate flooding, filter storm water and provide habitat & food for wildlife.

As stated on their website:

"One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As an environmental charity, we're on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees!

Started in 2014, we have more than doubled the number of trees planted year over year. Fast-forward to today, we now work with awesome reforestations partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa who help us get trees in the ground to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for biodiversity."

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. They also absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. Trees even provide jobs to more than 1.6 billion people around the world.

Since One Tree Planted started in 2014 and planted 150,000 trees its first full year, their numbers have grown significantly. By 2019, for instance, they were able to get 4 million additional trees in the ground worldwide. In 2020, the count was more than 10 million trees planted in 28 countries. And by year-end 2021, the number was well over 23.5 million trees in 42 countries.

One Tree Planted educate new trees help stabilize the local climate, improve water and soil quality, reduce the risk of future fires, and improve habitat connectivity for native wildlife.

This mission is well aligned with the identity of our brand. Developing more than sustainable products, FOH® is dedicated to contributing to the overall longevity of our environment’s health.

The use of sustainable/renewable ingredient sources is essential to limit our environmental impact and to ensure the long term availability of our product lines.

We’re extremely proud to be contributing to One Tree’s total, and just getting started and excited to see how this partnership grows over time and look forward to transforming more urban spaces together!

Here's a #flashbackfriday of our team at work!

Looking back at Front of the House® at the NRA Show

May 20, 2022 216 Views No comments

It’s 2002. The "National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show" (yes, remember when they were one) was coming up and Front of the House® was born and ready to make its debut.

Front of the House® began with 3 full-time team members, 1 Independent Representative, our first catalog with a whopping 18 pages that launched our 11 proprietary glazed porcelain collections.

Simone & Mayda set out on a journey with high hopes for FOH® and their ability to create cutting-edge and innovative designs for the restaurant industry that would expand its scope to reach both national and international markets. In 20 years, FOH® has expanded its size, services, solutions, and headquarters, rooting its home in the Miami Modern (MiMo) District of Miami.

We celebrate two decades of dedication and hard work that have resulted in, not only meeting – but often exceeding – goals, we reflect at this National Restaurant Association Show on some of the small fetes and lessons learned along the way.

We cheers to 20 years of truly pushing the boundaries of creativity and to what the next 20 years have in store for this talented team!

But wait– There’s More to Celebrate at the NRA Restaurant Show!

We invite you to join us as we celebrate our 20th NRA exhibition with the official unveiling of our latest category launch! Find us at NRA Booth# 3401!

Not attending? Get on the list to be the first to know → https://hubs.la/Q01bFsXw0.

Fun Fact About FOH®

The 2002 NRA Show was the first industry trade show where we attended as exhibitors for the first time and featured our first #fohinaction solutions.

NRA Booth 2002

NRA Booth 2019

FOH Iconic Green Bag - Booth Swag

This year it will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from Saturday, May 21 - Tuesday, May 24, 2022 and we’re gearing up for the best Show ever—as it commemorates our 20th year! Not only in the food and beverage industry but at the show itself.

Thank you for your support over the years, everyone! We're proud to be your dedicated foodservice partner.

We can’t wait to see you! Register for your chance at a FREE gift → https://hubs.la/Q01bFtB60.

Spring for Color with Artefact®: Transform your Tabletop

May 6, 2022 132 Views No comments

Spring brings: warmer weather, outdoor seating and a burst of color! Here’s the inside scoop on transforming your tabletop this Spring with these 3 colors from Artefact®. Its earthy hues and organic textures are slowly kiln-fired and mindfully designed to add an informal elegance and a modern rustic vibe to any setting.

Artefact® brings organic shape and feel, and is the perfect tabletop for undeniable conversations around the dinner table.

Artefact® White:

White has been a timeless go-to when choosing dinnerware because it suits a variety of dishes and allows food to take center stage with contrast of your ingredients to the white plate.

White combines the hand-thrown feel of one-of-a-kind pottery, our commercial-grade porcelain, in our popular super- white glaze.

Artefact® Ash:

Ash highlights more earthy, rich tones including slightly darker gray. An exceptional color that instills the same confidence, strength and durability throughout our porcelain.

Artefact® Indigo:

Meet our brand new shade, Indigo’s. Adding earthy blue hues and organic textures are designed to ignite a sense of calm and serenity. Slowly kiln-fired and mindfully created, Indigo’s unique porcelain glaze makes a statement you won’t be able to resist.

Now imagine all 3 on your tabletop...

All colors are in-stock and ready to ship.

Get inspired with these other color options: Kiln® , Tides® , Spiral® Ink ,and be sure to download our latest catalog for inspiration.

High Times Top Chef shares with Front of the House® the ins and outs of cooking with cannabis.

April 20, 2022 224 Views 1 comment

Chef Spotlight: Brandon Allen of Trichome Institute

​6 Steps for The Perfect Buffet Set Up

April 10, 2022 193 Views No comments

Presentation goes a long way and with B3 Buffet Building Blocks®, you can choose from a range of materials, sizes, risers, and surfaces alike to create the ultimate buffet display. The mix and match ability along with reversible designs, these essential buffetware bring innovation to everyday displays. Here’s 6 Steps for the perfect buffet set up and how FOH® builds up versatile, durable, and stylish stations for your upcoming events.

B3 Buffet Building Blocks® was designed to provide an enhanced experience for unforgettable moments. Elevate your next display with the products you need.


Step 1: Identify Your Overall Concept

Define your space size, theme, color scheme, menu.

*Hint: choose your table runner & placemats to add color and/or texture.

Step 2: Anchor Your Buffet with Core Pieces

Build out your space with our multi-functional B3 Buffet Building Blocks®, risers & shelves, housings & large trays.

Step 3: Maximize Impact with Serving Pieces that Balance Your Buffet

Mix and match with our large & medium size platters and variety of bowls.

Step 4: Organize with Functional & Fun Pieces that Round Out Your Buffet

Don’t forget about the details: Napkin holders, condiment holders, spoon rests, menu/card holders, string lights etc.

Step 5: Finalize Your Buffet with Stylish & Unique Tabletop Essentials

FOH® single serve accessories, spoons, plates, serving utensils & tongs, bamboo pick, Servewise® disposables, etc.

Step 6: Use Your Buffet Bag to Pack It All Up

Catering an Event? B3 Buffet Building Blocks® Buffet Bag is the perfect transportation & storage solution for easy set-up and breakdown.

Plan ahead and prepare for your next event to add value to your guest’s experience.

More smart ways to present your next display here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMmpN9yAPOE .

Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution

For more information on B3 solutions or other Buffet Building Blocks email us at sales@foh.cc or give us a call at (305)757-7940.


Tag @fohinc and share all the ways you use your favorite B3 items.

​Servewise® 101: A guide to guilt-free disposable serveware.

March 28, 2022 238 Views No comments

Servewise® by FOH® is the eco-smart, eco-chic, eco-responsible, and priced-right disposable serveware solution for all menus.

With an increased demand for greener solutions, the foodservice industry is mindful of eco-friendly initiatives and is becoming much more educated on this topic as a whole. Servewise® is manufactured from highly renewable woods, such as poplar and pine, making it biodegradable and compostable. Eco-friendly disposables provide an alternative to plastic and styrofoam, whereas compostable eco-benefits naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic material when disposed of with other compostable items in limited areas where facilities exist; leaving no toxic residue.

Let's take a closer look at where to serve up sustainable style. Since introduced in 2010, these guilt-free disposables are available in all foodservice-related markets, like Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Catering, Outdoor Events, Food Trucks, and more!

Servewise® is designed for convenience and conscientiousness, providing functionality, durability, and a level of aesthetics that will enhance any serving solution. Go a au-naturale with this FOH® guide:

1. Fast Casual -

Disposable tableware, including dinnerware and cutlery utensils, can be a cost-effective way to supply restaurants with the right dining necessities. Versatile ranges plate up appetizers, entrees, desserts, and sides – then conveniently throw them away without doing dishes. Plates, cones, and bowls can be safely stacked with identical items to promote easy transportation and space-saving storage.

2. Take-Out / Grab & Go -

Popular and Portable! When meals need to be on the go, pair Servewise® with a cover for a chic to-go serving! Lids and covers are made from recycled PET plastic and feature ventilation holes to keep food fresh, and are equally durable, stackable, and disposable which can protect against contaminants, spills, and messes. The uniquely shaped Servewise® Assurance Sticker, also available, neatly folds around edges and can't be removed without tearing, giving added confidence that packaged food is unopened and germ-free.

“Take out and delivery has been the “bread and butter” of so many restaurant owners during coronavirus. These can also be great options for outdoor dining for fast-casual style restaurants.”
- Echo Foodservice Marketing

3.Catering Events -

Perfect for private parties, weddings, catering, business conventions, and concessions, these are premium earth-friendly solutions you can feel good about. With a wide variety of sizes, styles, and types available, it makes it easy to adapt to other products.

a. Choose single-use plates and bowls that hold sauces for 1/2 hour and are also microwave and oven-safe for up to 45 minutes at 350°F.

b. Servewise® Long Lasting Paper Straws are compliant with EU and LFGB regulations and are BPA-Free, Certified Gluten-Free, making them the natural biodegradable alternative; lasting 4 hours in cold beverages without unraveling.

c. Highlight dishes with a selection of bamboo picks, markers, and skewer accessories that won’t cause environmental harm.

d. Pair reusable Servewise® with more creative, ultra-affordable bamboo serving solutions that beautifully complement all tabletop and bar décor.

Understanding environmentally friendly developments allows us to reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint. Educating customers on sustainability is not just about what we do but also what we impart to others.

We’re proud to manufacture FSC Certified products you can feel good about with a #fashionmeetsfunction design. For more information on responsible solutions or other natural materials see here, email us at sales@foh.cc or give us a call at (305)757-7940.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with FOH®

March 4, 2022 157 Views No comments

Since 1911, International Women’s Day (IWD), has been celebrated on March 8th every year and is a day of advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world. It’s about raising awareness around important milestones and celebrating the women who make our world great.

Women in Hospitality

The hospitality industry has changed significantly over the past 60 years, women are becoming leaders with active opportunities and taking on leading roles within the hospitality market. We have earned our place with all segments of hospitality: Food and beverages, Travel and Tourism, lodging, and recreation. In the overall economy, 46.1% of employees are now women, and within the hospitality sector this figure has grown to 53.7%.

Alongside the remarkable and pioneering females in food service and hospitality, FOH®’s culture is grounded with a vision to support the education and recognition of women in our industry. We aim to be a resource and platform that gives women the confidence to excel in leadership roles and continue to expand on mentorship. At FOH®, we can proudly announce that out of our 35 team of leaders (managers and above) 21 are female. As we continue to celebrate our success, we know there are still massive strides to take.

In a field that is still mainly dominated by men, women can continue to lay the groundwork to lift each other up and continue to impact the hospitality industry. We support and encourage our community to connect with like-minded leaders with organizations that encourage the exchanging of networks and resources through innovative workshops, movements, and events. Some of which are colleagues and partners are currently working on:

Women Chefs 305;


A Fine Line Movie / MAPP Impact;

https://www.instagram.com/afinelinemovie/ ; https://www.instagram.com/mappimpact/

WFF (Women's Foodservice Forum);


IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America);


FOH® is proud to be a woman-owned business and a certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). For “Best Workplaces for Women” by Fortune’s Great Place to Work list, see here.

Share your SHE-ro with #FOHHER on our Instagram IWD post to join the conversation.

“Where there is a woman, there is magic.” –Ntozake Shange

​Honoring the Past. Inspiring the Future.

February 16, 2022 369 Views No comments

Black History Month Food Pioneers