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March 2022

​Servewise® 101: A guide to guilt-free disposable serveware.

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Servewise® by FOH® is the eco-smart, eco-chic, eco-responsible, and priced-right disposable serveware solution for all menus.

With an increased demand for greener solutions, the foodservice industry is mindful of eco-friendly initiatives and is becoming much more educated on this topic as a whole. Servewise® is manufactured from highly renewable woods, such as poplar and pine, making it biodegradable and compostable. Eco-friendly disposables provide an alternative to plastic and styrofoam, whereas compostable eco-benefits naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic material when disposed of with other compostable items in limited areas where facilities exist; leaving no toxic residue.

Let's take a closer look at where to serve up sustainable style. Since introduced in 2010, these guilt-free disposables are available in all foodservice-related markets, like Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Catering, Outdoor Events, Food Trucks, and more!

Servewise® is designed for convenience and conscientiousness, providing functionality, durability, and a level of aesthetics that will enhance any serving solution. Go a au-naturale with this FOH® guide:

1. Fast Casual -

Disposable tableware, including dinnerware and cutlery utensils, can be a cost-effective way to supply restaurants with the right dining necessities. Versatile ranges plate up appetizers, entrees, desserts, and sides – then conveniently throw them away without doing dishes. Plates, cones, and bowls can be safely stacked with identical items to promote easy transportation and space-saving storage.

2. Take-Out / Grab & Go -

Popular and Portable! When meals need to be on the go, pair Servewise® with a cover for a chic to-go serving! Lids and covers are made from recycled PET plastic and feature ventilation holes to keep food fresh, and are equally durable, stackable, and disposable which can protect against contaminants, spills, and messes. The uniquely shaped Servewise® Assurance Sticker, also available, neatly folds around edges and can't be removed without tearing, giving added confidence that packaged food is unopened and germ-free.

“Take out and delivery has been the “bread and butter” of so many restaurant owners during coronavirus. These can also be great options for outdoor dining for fast-casual style restaurants.”
- Echo Foodservice Marketing

3.Catering Events -

Perfect for private parties, weddings, catering, business conventions, and concessions, these are premium earth-friendly solutions you can feel good about. With a wide variety of sizes, styles, and types available, it makes it easy to adapt to other products.

a. Choose single-use plates and bowls that hold sauces for 1/2 hour and are also microwave and oven-safe for up to 45 minutes at 350°F.

b. Servewise® Long Lasting Paper Straws are compliant with EU and LFGB regulations and are BPA-Free, Certified Gluten-Free, making them the natural biodegradable alternative; lasting 4 hours in cold beverages without unraveling.

c. Highlight dishes with a selection of bamboo picks, markers, and skewer accessories that won’t cause environmental harm.

d. Pair reusable Servewise® with more creative, ultra-affordable bamboo serving solutions that beautifully complement all tabletop and bar décor.

Understanding environmentally friendly developments allows us to reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint. Educating customers on sustainability is not just about what we do but also what we impart to others.

We’re proud to manufacture FSC Certified products you can feel good about with a #fashionmeetsfunction design. For more information on responsible solutions or other natural materials see here, email us at sales@foh.cc or give us a call at (305)757-7940.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with FOH®

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Since 1911, International Women’s Day (IWD), has been celebrated on March 8th every year and is a day of advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world. It’s about raising awareness around important milestones and celebrating the women who make our world great.

Women in Hospitality

The hospitality industry has changed significantly over the past 60 years, women are becoming leaders with active opportunities and taking on leading roles within the hospitality market. We have earned our place with all segments of hospitality: Food and beverages, Travel and Tourism, lodging, and recreation. In the overall economy, 46.1% of employees are now women, and within the hospitality sector this figure has grown to 53.7%.

Alongside the remarkable and pioneering females in food service and hospitality, FOH®’s culture is grounded with a vision to support the education and recognition of women in our industry. We aim to be a resource and platform that gives women the confidence to excel in leadership roles and continue to expand on mentorship. At FOH®, we can proudly announce that out of our 35 team of leaders (managers and above) 21 are female. As we continue to celebrate our success, we know there are still massive strides to take.

In a field that is still mainly dominated by men, women can continue to lay the groundwork to lift each other up and continue to impact the hospitality industry. We support and encourage our community to connect with like-minded leaders with organizations that encourage the exchanging of networks and resources through innovative workshops, movements, and events. Some of which are colleagues and partners are currently working on:

Women Chefs 305;


A Fine Line Movie / MAPP Impact;

https://www.instagram.com/afinelinemovie/ ; https://www.instagram.com/mappimpact/

WFF (Women's Foodservice Forum);


IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America);


FOH® is proud to be a woman-owned business and a certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). For “Best Workplaces for Women” by Fortune’s Great Place to Work list, see here.

Share your SHE-ro with #FOHHER on our Instagram IWD post to join the conversation.

“Where there is a woman, there is magic.” –Ntozake Shange