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High Times Top Chef shares with Front of the House® the ins and outs of cooking with cannabis.

High Times Top Chef shares with Front of the House® the ins and outs of cooking with cannabis.
April 20, 2022 351 Views 1 comment

Chef Brandon has a two-fold mission:

To utilize cannabis as a tool to educate the world about food while using food as a vessel to inform the world about cannabis.

As a leader in the canna-culinary industry, Chef Brandon’s long list of accomplishments is impressive and well deserved, but his current goals and aspirations are even more remarkable. Chef Brandon Allen, the first-ever High Times Top Cannabis Chef, certified Interpener, cannabis educator, and guru of carnivore and ketogenic cuisine is out to impact the world with his determination and belief in the benefits of cooking with cannabis.

His passion and purpose became clear as he set out to make the process of cooking with cannabis available to the world by combining his personal experience with his strong network and social following.

After our first encounter with this prestigious chef, his passion for cannabis was contagious. We immediately admired his deep understanding of cooking with herbal products and rooted knowledge in industry research. We were also incredibly amazed by his investment in technology in an effort to reach the large audience he has been able to captivate online.

Chef Brandon is as meticulous with his presentation as he is with his techniques. Through our partnership, we’ve witnessed his ability to perfectly plate all his dishes using Front of the House® products.

“I just got one of your newsletters with the Catalyst® plates. I love the coupe-style, all three are really nice. I think the Catalyst® and Cannabis duo sounds cool and will look great to feature dishes on.” Stay tuned for his exclusive Cannabis on Catalyst® feature!

We congratulate Chef Brandon on the launch of his longest and most advanced course on the technicality behind cooking with cannabis from a science, philosophical, and entertainment perspective. There you will find…

  • Recommendations for the right amounts of THC / CBD dosages to use in the kitchen
  • Learnings on how to best make cannabis infusions with easy recipes
  • Ability to advance your reputation as a professional cannabis chef
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Cooking with Cannabis
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Cynthia Haddad April 20, 2022 at 9:30 AM
so cool!!