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​Our Guys: Front of the House ® Flatware Launch

​Our Guys: Front of the House ® Flatware Launch
June 17, 2022 323 Views No comments

Good things take time, and on our 20th anniversary, we revealed a highly anticipated, first-ever Flatware launch at the 2022 NRA Restaurant Show. National Restaurant Association hosts the most significant event in the foodservice industry, which Front of the House® has attended for the past 20 years. Showcasing 60 SKUS, 7 Collections, and 12 Finishes, the unveiling of their commercial-grade flatware, “our guys” was impressive. What’s even more interesting is the story behind the design; as co-founder and CEO Simone Mayer says, “It’s always been there; it’s in our logo!”.

Design runs deep in Simone’s roots, being a second-generation manufacturer in her family. Her parents refined pulls and knobs in South Africa - where she was born. The experience gained from the family business was augmented during her studies at Columbia University and further when opening her first retail shop on South Beach. Our focus has always been to enhance the tabletop experience and strengthen the diversity of our solutions. This robust 60-piece flatware sku launch is designed to complement any tabletop, buffet, banquet, and more food service settings that #deliverthewow . Our attention to detail includes ergonomically designed handles to rest perfectly on a surface, and finishes that disguise fingerprints– just to name a few (we don’t want to give all the cool stuff away)...

Launching at the NRA Show was an epic celebration in itself. It marked our 20th show as an exhibitor and reconnecting with our community after three long years. Where else could we have made such an exclusive sneak peek to over 51,000 attendees?! To be there and unveil “our guys” was an experience for the masses.

Far more than perfunctory needs, (if we may say) have carefully designed a thought-through new category to bring not only the very best dining experience possible, but an innovative and stylish solution to the foodservice industry.

Naturally, all of The Guys Flatware collections are made with the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring top-of-the-line durability. The chromium and nickel (elements that make up stainless steel) levels of each SKU are higher than average, which creates more durability and better-equipped commercial-grade flatware for high-volume turnover. Additionally, the matte brass and matte black flatware pieces have a unique finish applied by a PVD technique. The PVD application is a chemical process that makes products durable by bonding with the stainless steel at the micron level instead of being coated on top. This level of detail is how FOH® continues to stand out and pave the way in manufacturing.

Defined by bold and timeless elements, The Guys: Flatware collection varies in finishes, textures, and styles. Each piece is manufactured with exceptional strength proving its structural integrity over time while paving the way for a sensory experience like no other. No detail was spared during the designing process of this new category, down to the naming of each collection. Reminiscent of classic male muses, each collection strongly identifies with the characteristics of a specific type of man. While Cameron, Owen, Parker, Liam, Luca, Grant, and Jasper collectively all have one thing in common, you may be surprised by the individual features of each collection.

Clever and bold, we encourage you to explore the details of the entire category of restaurant flatware at frontofthehouse.com or click here to download the brochure.

Stay tuned for pt. 2 of OUR GUYS: Behind the Scenes, where we take you on the creation of this exciting category through each departments POV.