M.I.S.T.™ Fogger
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Pack: 1

Tank Capacity 1.32gal (5L)
Coiled Hose 16" (41cm)
Power Cord 15'6" (475cm)
Power 800W
AC Adapter Rated Voltage 100-240V
Effective Range up to 26' (8M)
Adjustable Particle Size 10-150μm
Atomization Volume 470 ml/min


Easily disinfect large areas and surfaces quickly and cost effectively. No dilution needed, just fill the Fogger directly from the drum using the drum faucet. ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Foggers quickly disinfect entire areas, unlike electrostatic sprayers, which are directional and surface specific. ULV Foggers are comparatively inexpensive and reduce product usage by dispensing disinfectant droplets as small as 10 microns, making our Fogger the most cost-effective delivery system on the market.

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